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Do It Safe, Do It Right, Do It Once!

GCB Industries is the parent company of two specialty service companies, GCB Industrial and Gulf Coast Boiler. We offer an array of services to commercial and industrial companies, such as specialty mechanical contracting, boiler services, turnarounds and more. We’ll do your job safe, we do it right, and we only have to do it once.

Industrial & Commercial Boiler Services

Gulf Coast Boiler is a full-service steam, heating and hot water boiler company that installs, repairs, troubleshoots, and maintains boilers. Gulf Coast Boiler holds a national board R Stamp & ASME S Stamp.

Mechanical Contractors

GCB Industrial is a mechanical contractor providing reliability and maintenance, construction and engineering, turnaround and specialty mechanical contractor services to the petrochemical, chemical, power plant, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, and manufacturing industries.

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