A Division Of GCB Industries

At RCES, we set the standard for reliability and expertise. Our expert technicians combine excellence and precision to provide unparalleled skill and dedication in every aspect, from fired equipment set-up to maintenance, calibration, and tuning.

Our team specializes in servicing industrial-scale and commercial combustion equipment, offering expert-level field engineering services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With a focus on boiler burners, duct burners, rotary kilns, and kettle combustion equipment, we bring knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring seamless operations when it matters most.

Our comprehensive services extend to new and retrofit product selection, site project management, and consulting, supported by in-house expertise to assist with any major combustion project. As a global field services provider, we offer industrial maintenance services for green energy, catering to clients across the globe with unparalleled dedication and proficiency. Whether it’s optimizing fuel consumption, enhancing equipment performance, or implementing cutting-edge tech, we consistently deliver outcomes that exceed expectations.

General Services

  • Combustion startup services
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Control system program and electrical checkouts
  • Combustion tuning and characterization
  • Combustion troubleshooting
  • Instrumentation and electrical
  • Burner retrofits
  • Duct burner tuning and inspections
  • Turnaround services including inspections, management, parts procurement, and startup
  • On site project management of large projects
  • Product specification writing and selection
  • Carbon and NOx reduction planning
  • Energy and equipment assessments
  • Capital project budgeting and planning
  • Maintenance improvement and planning services
  • Fleet owner system improvements and services
  • SAMA logic supply
  • Control system assessments and retrofits with startup
  • Boiler furnace inspections
  • Consulting services
  • Services of ALL fired equipment, specializing in 20 mmbtu/hr up to and beyond 1.5 billion btu/hr
  • H2, H2 blend, off gas, refinery gas, digester gas, and other exotic fuel firing tuning services.
  • Oil and gas igniters for pulverized coal fired applications
  • Flame scanner tuning


  • Capable of Field Erected utility scale combustion tuning, inspections, project management, planning, startup, and retrofits.
  • Pulp and Paper Kraft recovery boiler tuning of startup and load burners.
  • Packaged boiler inspections, burner tuning, troubleshooting, retrofits, checkouts, and startup in any industry (oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, pharmaceutical, education, hospital, and more).
  • HRSG duct burner inspections, tuning, combustion assessment, parts replacement and repair, turnaround services, and more.
  • Fired applications ranging from 20 mmbtu/hr up to and beyond 1.5 billion btu/hr.
  • Fired equipment inspections and assessments for fleets and fleet owners. Program updates, Consulting for combustion control code writing, control retrofits and electrical checkout, control system startups and burner characterization.
  • PID loop tuning and performance improvements.
  • Instrumentation services.
  • Fired equipment inspection and assessments for fleets and fleet owners.
  • Coal to gas project consulting and retrofit project services.
  • Boiler circulation and impact studies.

RCES is capable of leading any fired equipment project on-site, no matter how big or small.

Engineering Services

RCES offers custom-designed engineered solutions to advanced combustion problems such as:

  • Case studies
  • Burner redesign services
  • Pilot retrofits
  • H2 and other fuel blend firing analysis
  • Pipe flow calculations and piping system designs
  • Fluid dynamics
  • 3D scanning technology
  • Energy assessments

Analytical Services

  • Comprehensive Assessment – Combustion, Thermal & Flow Assessment
    • Design—Original Specification
    • Current –As Measured
    • Predicted—Proposed Upgrades Mechanical & Safety Systems Assessment
  • Performance Optimization
    • Emissions / Efficiency Analysis
    • Burner Balancing & Tuning
    • Combustion Air Balancing & Tuning
    • FGR Tuning
  • Inspection Services – Latest Technology, 30+ Years of Failure Analysis, Process Design and Expedited Laboratory Results
    • Pre- Shutdown Assessment
    • Internal Inspection
    • Failure Analysis
    • Projected Life Assessment
  • In-Service Inspections & Repairs
    • Burners
    • Fans & Auxiliary equipment
    • Complete Thermal Scanning