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Industrial Turnaround & Outage Services

Our turnaround experts’ goal is to ensure your facility continues to operate safely and efficiently. 

We Offer a Full Spectrum of Turnaround Services

ASME Code Welding

Specialty Welding Services High Alloy Materials

Exchangers, Towers, & Vessels

Unit Process Piping Fabrication & Installations 

Process Heater Revamps

Boiler Maintenance & Repairs 

HRSG Maintenance & Repairs 

Safety is One of Our Top Priorities

We take the safety of our workers and others very seriously. GCB Industries fully communicates all necessary health and safety guidelines to our employees beforehand and throughout the turnaround, outage or shutdown.

We Conduct Turnarounds for a Variety of Industries

Proper turnarounds are critical to any facility’s productivity, efficiency and output. GCB Industries works closely with companies in the chemical, petrochemical refining, pulp and paper, power, and industrial manufacturing industries to create a plan that’s highly thorough, within budget and tailored to their specific needs and repairs.

GCB Industries Plans Way Ahead

Any turnaround worth its salt requires extensive planning. At GCB Industries, we work closely with you to create a detailed plan that seamlessly coordinates labor and materials. This ensures that all scopes are clearly defined and executed at a high level of efficiency and craftsmanship, allowing the end-users to reap the benefits.

At GCB Industries successful projects are measured by key indicators like safety performance, scheduled deadlines and budget adherence. Utilizing our SOP and strategic planning, we aim to deliver a consistent product every time.

We’re Committed to Staying On-Schedule and On-Budget

Timelines and costs are two other reasons why our highly skilled project managers are so meticulous in planning and scheduling your turnaround activity to a tee. We understand the importance of staying on-schedule and on-budget especially when it comes to specialty welding and mechanical services, as they’re key indicators of success.

It not only can affect your operations and bottom line long term, but it can affect the greater supply and demand of your product — which is something we strive to avoid at all costs.

We’re Available 24/7

You shouldn’t have to wait until 8 a.m. the next business day if something comes up. Our team is available night and day to address any questions you may have or any issues that could arise. At GCB, we’re here for you — all the time.

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