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Industrial & Commercial HVAC Repairs and Chiller Repairs

GCB Chillers repairs your chiller system safely, repairs it right, and only needs to repair it once.

GCB Chillers Repairs All Types and Parts of Commercial Chillers

Water-cooled chiller systems

Air-cooled chiller systems

Commercial air conditioning units

Cooling towers and other cooling systems

Heating systems and heat pumps

Condenser coils?

Our Skilled HVAC Service Technicians are Available 24/7

Life happens, and things break. Unfortunately, that can mean your operations slow or even come to a grinding halt — and that’s never a good thing. That’s why our highly skilled and seasoned technicians are available at-the-ready when you need them most. Our team members will thoroughly yet promptly examine your HVAC system and determine how best to repair it. 

We Provide HVAC Repair Services for Many Industries









How to Tell Your Commercial Chiller Needs Repairing

There are several signs to know when it’s time to call a repair team, the main reason being it’s not cooling your facility as it should be. However, there are a few other warning signs to watch out for:

Your commercial heating and cooling system should be able to regulate humidity. Otherwise, you need a repairman to mitigate the potential presence of mold and excess moisture.

Any odor coming out of your unit is a sign that you need some level of HVAC maintenance, whether it’s a repair or just a light cleaning. Common “red flag” odors include rotten eggs, musty smells, chemical smells, burning smells and any other smell that isn’t clean air.

This can be a sign something is clogged or leaking, which is never good. The best thing to do is call a repair team to inspect your air conditioner unit and make sure everything is working properly, even if the air is cool.

Your air conditioning and heating unit shouldn’t make weird sounds. If it does, that could indicate a lost part or something clanking around where it’s not supposed to. 

Little or no airflow is a significant problem and can cause your facility to not cool properly.

We’re Here for Your Day and Night

You shouldn’t have to wait until 8 a.m. the next business day if your unit is having issues. At GCB, our team of skilled technicians is available night and day to address any questions you may have and to get your facility running again like it should be. At GCB, we’re here for you — all the time. 

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