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Industrial & Commercial HVAC Maintenance

A preventative maintenance plan from GCB Chillers helps your HVAC system maintain optimal performance, improve air quality and lower your energy bills.

Benefits of Regular Industrial or Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Just like a well-manicured lawn, your HVAC system needs to be regularly maintained for it to work properly and sustain peak performance. With an HVAC maintenance plan from GCB Chillers, you’ll enjoy:

Improved air quality through the regular replacement and cleaning of air filters

Lower energy bills with the cleaning of the evaporator and condenser coils

Saving money through preventative care that fixes small issues before they become big problems

Our Comprehensive Industrial & Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

With a maintenance plan from GCB Chillers, our team of highly skills HVAC technicians will perform the following tasks to ensure your commercial HVAC system is running smoothly:

Inspect the condenser coils and evaporator for cleaning and sanitization

Inspect electrical wiring to ensure no loose, burnt or discolored wires

Inspect, clean, or replace air filters for either the heating and/or cooling equipment

Inspect all belts and moving parts to ensure proper function

Inspect cooling tower (if a water-cooled system)

Inspect the HVAC system has proper airflow

Inspect drain lines and pans for any blockages

Inspect belts and change if necessary

Inspect for any leaks

Inspect refrigerant if necessary

We’ll Create a Custom Maintenance Plan that Fits Your Needs

At GCB Chillers, we understand that in running a business, wondering whether your heating and air conditioning system is working properly isn’t going to be at the top of your list. At the end of the day, you want a maintenance plan that ensures your system works efficiently and keeps operating costs at a minimum.

At GCB Chillers, we accomplish both by creating a custom maintenance agreement that fits your budget and the technical demands of your system. We make a thorough inspection of your equipment and determine which type of contract would be best for your commercial building or facility.

We Offer Industrial & Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services to Many Companies

Apartment Complexes







Stadiums & Outdoor Venues

We Also Have 24/7 Industrial and Commercial Emergency Service

Unfortunately, things sometimes break, and no one wants to stop operations because their air conditioner or heating system isn’t working. You can count on the technician team at GCB Chillers to answer your call when you need it most. Our team members will thoroughly yet promptly examine your HVAC system and determine how best to repair it.

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