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Building Automation & Control Systems

Save money on energy and increase worker productivity with a building automation or control system from GCB Chillers

Automate & Manage Your Building Systems on One Platform

It’s hard to be everywhere at once. Managing the temperature on each floor or wing of your industrial or commercial building is not an easy task, especially if you’ve got thousands of square feet you’ve got to monitor to ensure energy consumptions stays within budget. That’s where a building automation system (BAS) comes into play.

A Building Control System from GCB Chillers enables you to automate many of your building systems — from your HVAC and lighting to security to energy management to acoustics and more — through a single user interface or platform. It’s a cost-effective way for your facilities manager to:

Track and collect data from those systems

Keep your facility’s occupants comfortable

Quickly detect and fix any problems if they arise

Save money through improved energy efficiency

Save time by automating your building’s systems

Control your facility remotely via your phone

Custom Building Management Solutions

Building Automation Systems

As an HVAC company specializing in building automation, we install the latest open-protocol, internet-based systems.

Building Control Retrofits

GCB Chillers also has the capability of optimizing your old system(s) to save you even more on operating costs.

Thermostats and Sensors

In addition to installing the controller (the brain of your system), GCB Chillers also installs the necessary thermostats and sensors.

Fiber Optics

At GCB Chillers, we exclusively use fiber optic cables to ensure your system has the bandwidth necessary to operate effectively.

Remote Access

Because GCB’s building automation systems are internet-based, you can access your BAS controls and data from anywhere in the world.

We Provide Automation Solutions for Many Industries

Apartment Complexes







Stadiums & Outdoor Venues

Don’t Know Which System is Right for Your Building?

As an HVAC company also specializing in building automation systems, GCB Chillers and our skilled technicians have the expertise to assess your industrial or commercial facility and determine which system is right for your budget and business needs. GCB Chillers are known for doing it safely, doing it right and only having to do the job once. That’s the motto we live and breathe, and it’s the mantra we’ll apply to your facility.

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