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Commercial HVAC Services

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Sterilization Facilities


GCB offers chillers designed for many brewery applications

From water-cooled glycol chillers to air-cooled units, GCB Chillers has everything you need to keep your brew cool and your facility running efficiently. Besides chiller installations, we also maintain, repair and retrofit old systems so you can keep doing what you do best: make great beer! Our team is highly experienced in knowing which chillers you need for every step of the brewing process, from wort chillers and brite tanks to crash cooling for packaging and product storage. GCB Chillers has a solution for all.

Government Institutions

We work with many government institutions to maintain their HVAC

GCB Chillers is a trusted provider of commercial HVAC services for various local, state and federal institutions. Our technicians have a wealth of experience working with the government and installing, repairing, retrofitting and maintaining HVAC systems on time and on budget.

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

GCB Chillers helps ensure your facility’s systems are healthy and reliable

There are many factors that go into a healthcare facility’s HVAC system: you’ve got to keep patients comfortable and the air must be clean and sterilized, but you also have to consider operating cost and energy consumption. At GCB Chillers, we have serviced multiple leading health care facilities in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Our HVAC technology helps keep operating costs down while also making sure patients are comfortable and the air is clean. We also have dedicated emergency response personnel scheduled 24/7 to minimize downtime as much as possible.

Hotels & Hospitality

Committed to keeping guests comfortable during their stay

At GCB Chillers, keeping your guests comfortable is at the top of your list. We have worked with countless hotels and hospitality venues to ensure that guests are as comfortable as possible and that they leave with a positive experience of your facility. Whether it’s individual HVAC units for rooms or for the entire facility, GCB Chillers is committed to ensuring your guests are comfortable during their stay.

Laundry Facilities

We help keep your facility cool

We increase efficiency and optimizes productivity by providing energy-saving solutions for laundry facilities. Trust our team to improve your overall operating costs through holistic management of your cooling systems for employees and systems. We have dedicated emergency response personnel scheduled 24/7 to ensure quick response time to minimize your downtime.


Keeping tenants happy and energy costs down

At GCB Chillers, we go beyond providing the basic comforts of keeping residents cool. We work with multi-family, apartment, condo and large-scale living facilities to make tenants feel empowered and valued by you while also implementing cooling solutions to save on operating costs. And in the event of an emergency repair, our team is ready 24/7 to promptly address and resolve any issue.


Our HVAC systems are reliable and keep people comfortable

As any business owner knows, having a comfortable working environment is crucial for optimal worker productivity and satisfaction. No one wants to be too hot or too cold at work. That’s why at GCB Chillers, we make sure your facility is supported by a reliable HVAC system that you can count on to keep everyone comfortable and operating costs down. Moreover, if life happens and things break, we have a technician team available 24/7 to ensure a quick response and less downtime.


Helping maintain an exceptional guest experience

GCB Chillers can help you maintain a positive guest experience through a reliable HVAC system that works when it’s supposed to. Our highly skilled technicians are experienced in installing, repairing or retrofitting aged systems so that your guests will experience improved air quality and comfort among large crowds of fans.

Sterilization Facilities

We maintain a high standard for safety, quality and production

At GCB Chillers, we understand the high stakes involved with maintaining a highly safe, sterile and quality facility. We work closely with sterilization facilities to maintain safe and clean operations. In addition, we have dedicated emergency response personnel scheduled 24/7 to ensure quick response time to minimize your facility’s downtime.

Universities & K-12 Schools

GCB Chillers helps keep students comfortable and energy bills down

When schools are too hot or too cold, it may hinder their ability to focus. GCB Chillers helps ensure students can continue learning in a comfortable and cool environment that everyone will appreciate. Whether it’s a new installation, repair or retrofitting an old HVAC system, GCB Chillers is committed to making sure your HVAC system is healthy and reliable.

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