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Industrial & Commercial HVAC

Repair, Installation & Maintenance

Cool your facility with ease and without hassle with a commercial Chiller or HVAC system.

Do it Safe. Do it Right. Do it Once!

We’re Experts in All Things Commercial & Industrial HVAC Service

Keeping your business running smoothly and comfortably with top-notch commercial air conditioning services from GCB Chillers. We’ve got decades of experience installing, replacing maintaining and repairing heating and cooling systems for all major manufacturers.

You can trust GCB Chillers will be available 24/7 to solve your heating and cooling needs. We do it safely, we do it right, and we only have to do it once. Whatever the problem, our expert technicians have a solution. 

We’re a One-Stop-Shop for Your Commercial Chiller and HVAC Service Needs

Whether you’re looking to install a brand-new commercial HVAC system or are just interested in preventative maintenance, GCB Chillers does it all. We eliminate the hassle of rummaging through and managing different contractors. We consolidate your time as a business owner and give you peace of mind, knowing that your commercial heating and cooling system is in good hands.

Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Chillers

Whether your business requires air- or water-cooled chillers, GCB Chillers has expertise in both chiller systems and can test, analyze and maintain each.

Cooling Towers

If your operations require a water-cooled system, you’ll need a cooling tower. GCB performs preventative maintenance to ensure seamless operations.

Air Handling & Fan Coil Units

We’re experienced in the repair, replacement, reconstruction and modification of air handling and fan coil units.

Variable Frequency Drives

We install variable frequency drives, which can help cut energy costs, extend the life of your HVAC system and reduce maintenance.

Building Automation

GCB helps businesses save money on energy bills and usage with a user-friendly building automation system.

Chilled Water Piping

GCB Chillers helps maintain your water-cooled system with maintenance such as water flow analysis, pipe replacement and valve replacement.

Air Filtration

GCB can maintain your system by replacing the air filters, as well as making sure the air is clean and sanitary with a UV lights installation.

Packaged Rooftop Units & Split Systems

GCB repairs and installs both unit types and provides a fast replacement whenever necessary.


GCB services your air conditioning system’s pumps providing fast repairs and replacement whenever necessary.

Rental Services

GCB also offers temporary heating and cooling solutions. We’ll always be there in time of need to help you maintain operations.


We offer dehumidification services to keep your facilities dry, as excess water can present a variety of problems, including mold and wood rot.

Maintenance Agreements

We provide maintenance agreements for chillers, cooling towers, pumps, etc. to reduce downtown, mitigate emergency repairs and ensure your facility operates properly.

Our Skilled HVAC Technicians Specialize in Many Industries​​






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Our Partnerships

GCB Chillers is part of GCB Industries, a family of brands that provide heating, cooling, construction and engineering services to the industrial, commercial and government markets.

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GCB Chillers offers HVAC installations and maintenance. 

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